Terms of use

1.    Introduction

These Terms of Use (hereinafter the “Terms”), as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, jointly govern access to, and use of, the “GNC Web” website, available here (hereinafter the “Website”) and of all content displayed on the Blog (hereinafter the “Content”). The Terms may change at any time and without notice.

If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not use this site.

2.    Fair Use

Any posting, sharing or distribution of Content with content that is immoral, illegal, abusive, offensive, vulgar and in any way contrary to the purpose of the Blog and its academic character may not be posted on the Blog, belongs to or is attributed exclusively to the person who has proceeded to the relevant action and will be removed as soon as possible. Any Content that fits the above description and is falsely claimed to have been posted by the Administrator is expressly excluded as Content that the Administrator intended to post on the Blog and is presumed to be a malicious attack on the Blog. The Blog and the Administrator are not responsible for any damage visitors may suffer from any Content that is not promptly removed from the Blog for any reason.

The Administrator makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the Content is accurate and truthful at the time the content is posted, however each visitor to the Blog uses the Blog and the Content at their own risk. The Administrator does not bear any responsibility in relation to the Blog and the Content for any damages:

–      on computers or other devices that may be due to malicious software, programs or third-party content found in hyperlinks,

–      of any kind or nature caused by any publication of personal or non-personal data by the visitors themselves,

–      damages arising from the use of the internet itself, such as indicatively the interception of information,

–      that visitors suffer from the use, exploitation, misunderstanding, misunderstanding or incorrect reading of the Content,

–     which are due to a subsequent change, variation, alteration or in any other way not rendering the original meaning of the Content.

3.    Copyright

All Blog Content is made available to visitors without consideration or condition, such as registration, connection, payment or other obligation, other than compliance with all of the Terms. Any commercial, financial or contrary to the academic character of the Blog exploitation of the Content is expressly prohibited. Any publication of the Content on social media or notification to third parties in any way, oral or written, by visitors is permitted only on the condition that any publication or notification will be made by posting/referring to the hyperlink of the Blog, with attribution of the authorship of the Content to its respective creator and with an explicit mention in the Blog.