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Bridal house Primalicia is known for its high quality and emphasis on the smallest detail. Haute Couture creations from around the world, such as Millanova, Oksana Mukha, Alberto Palatchi, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Berta, Jenny Packham, Yolan Cris, but also dazzling, alternative creations with a high level of quality and design.

With seven stores in Greece and Cyprus, Primalicia is one of the most important and most established multi-brand bridal stores.

Website Optimization
We focused on optimizing the website’s loading times, ensuring that visitors can quickly and seamlessly browse the bridal collection. We used advanced techniques to minimize loading time, optimize images and efficiently manage content.

Product Presentation
We created a dynamic product presentation that incorporates the power of image to captivate visitors. With an emphasis on high-resolution photos and impressive galleries, we have taken care to highlight the beauty of wedding dresses in every detail.

Responsive design
We designed the website with responsive design in mind, ensuring that the user experience remains excellent on all devices. The website automatically adapts to different screen sizes, such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, providing comfortable navigation and optimal display of wedding dresses.

UI/UX Design
We focused on creating a friendly and elegant user interface (UI), ensuring a pleasant and comfortable browsing experience. The design aimed to highlight the beauty and luxury of wedding dresses, offering an easy-to-use environment that makes it easy for visitors to explore the extensive collection.

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